Anonymous asked:

I fucked it all up. I went to uni. I stayed. I did more school. And more. I got my bougie job. Someone else's bougie job for sure. Because never once did I have my own thought. My own heartbeat. Until now. 29. Bored. Brilliant. But admittedly basic. And I know, I know, Tilda, but it's so hard to start at the bottom now. The wrinkles are coming. Someone should tell us. All of us.

If you have a bougie job, you’re probably not at the bottom. You can save money and take time to do exactly the right thing. I’ve often felt like I fucked it all up by rushing, by writing for money from the start. I can never start over now. To each her own side with the ungreen grass and etcetera, but no matter what: 29 is not fucking old.